Does anyone know a just power who would do whatever it takes to expose the accounting trails of the CPA Joanne L. Barnes and the Attorney Edward J. White at bk467p191 and find out where the money went? Exposing this account would lead to all you need to know.

It would require more power than the power of those who don't want it exposed.  I don't have the power. I've tried for twenty years and my reputation has been destroyed for trying. Is there some way to expose this account without those who don't want it exposed using trusting members of the Court and our family to obstruct it?

Can we connect three dots?

(1) The dot for the accounting trails at Bk467p191 being concealed for twenty years.
(2) The dot for killing the messenger who has been trying to expose them for twenty years.
(3) The dot for judgments made without exposing the evidence [bk467p191] for twenty years.

Can we expose the accounting trails at bk467p191 and then judge?              (Best reference)                (How big and protected are they?)


Should we kill whistleblowers?

VA Director Robert Wilkie in DC (
Tucson VA doctor Mohamed A. Jamaldeed (
Tucson VA doctor Brandon W. Godfrey (

I was forced into a building where VA Doctor Mohamed A. Jamaldeed drugged me and used the effects of the drugs to frame me as being mentally ill. History suggests the purpose was to remove me as Trustee of our family's 15 acres in Fairfax County, Virginia. History suggests they will kill me unless some power confronts them with the rule of law.

The VA in Arizona and the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Court in Virginia work together.
I believe the Tucson VA's purpose in framing me as being mentally ill is to remove me as Trustee of our family's 15 acres in Fairfax County, Virginia. 

This Trust Deed, which has been in the Court records since October 23, 1992, is ignored. No explanation is given. It is not actually said that it is not recognized. It is just ignored. How this level of silence and conspiracy, on a document in the Court's public record, can be maintained for 25 years now, is mind-boggling.

It is against the law for those in control to ignore the 1992 Trust Deed. It rendered me, the Trustee, powerless. It blocked me from selling the Trust property, forced me to pay the real estate taxes until I ran out of money, made to appear as my fault, and used to justify removing me as Trustee. It sabotaged my Trusteeship from day one. You have to recognize this cause and effect.

I am attacked and set-up by accounting fraudsters and their helpers because I have a background in accounting and this makes it more difficult for them to steal money. The fraudsters want me out. Whether by ignoring my Deed as Trustee, using our unwitting sister to sign a fraudulent Complaint against me or by framing me as mentally ill.

Not one leader in our Country has attempted to confront them with the rule of law. Not one. They are protected. Before you try to stop accounting fraudsters from preying on your family, consider the reprisals. Like being framed as mentally ill and put in jail for 33 days. The rule of law that protects you is ignored. Is it best to just hope that they don't steal too much? 

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Kate Simmons (friend) to Anthony OConnell, May 18, 2020(?)
"You wanted to leave the hospital, but the VA did not think you were fit to leave, but you got dressed and tried, and then they would prevent you from leaving, and then they would sedate you. The powerful sedatives caused some hallucinations. The VA said you could leave with me, then blocked both of us from leaving. The VA agreed with my observation, that it was a vicious circle at that point, that by giving you the sedatives they were rendering you incapable of leaving and non-decisional. If they had stopped the sedatives, from my perspective and observations, you would have been fine to leave in 12-24 hours once those drugs had simply cleared out. You and I - we were both very frustrated."
Love, Kate
" She (VA doctor) truly wanted you to go home and said we could go and she seemed, in my opinion, frustrated when they stopped us, so she turned it over to Dr Mohamed [A Jamaldeen]There was another issue they brought up with us, that because I am not your biological or adopted daughter, not your POW [POA], etc, they consulted with their attorneys for a few days to see if I could help out in any way, legally. They told me decisions were by committee, social workers, doctors, head nurses etc to decide. But - they did drug you making it too dangerous to drive home (or even walk well it was so heavy a sedative), and kept drugging you - the vicious circle."

I was literally kidnapped and taken to a strange Tucson VA building, drugged, and the effects of the drugs used to frame me as being mentally ill. They took total control of my life. They can use their unlimited power with no accountbility to kill me and make it appear as my fault. Would a leader recognize it? Who is behind this?
Frame1 - "Dementia with behavioral disturbance and paranoia unable to care for self." 
Frame2 - "Patient was frustrated and was trying to wander away and multiple times had to be restrained few times to keep in the hospital." 
Frame3 - "Suspected cognitive impairment and dementia, with agitation and noncompliance and home is not safe for this patient to be discharged home to manage his own medications."
Frame4 - "Evaluated by Geri-psych, recommended placement outside of the VA due to his paranoia worsening his delirium in the hospital." 
Frame5 - "If improved then discharge home from there, if not would need to stay there until someone comes and takes him under their care."
Frame6 - "Acute delirium and severe agitation" 
Frame7 - "Discharge to non-VA Nursing home to locked unit in Casas Adobes" 
(I was put in jail for 33 days.)