Dear Commissioner of Accounts John H. Rust Jr. and Staff;
I was pleasantly surprised (understatement) to see email addresses for the Commissioner of Accounts Office. It has
been my experience that a willingness to show email addresses shows a willingness for transparency and
Would you please use your power to have the CPA Joanne Barnes and the Attorney Edward White expose their
accounting at Bk467p191; to untangle their accounting entanglements, and show where the money went?
I don't understand why both of my attached Exceptions to the Commissioner's Report disappeared. You can see
that both had been stamped as being received by the Court. Can we follow the document trails from that point and
see what happened to them? The Exceptions to the Commissioner's Report for the estate was filed on June 16,
1994. The Exceptions to the Commissioner's Report for the trust was filed on August 23, 2000. The latter contains
a copy of my actual 12th trust account and a copy of the Report of it to the Judges. They are different. The
Commissioner at the time closed the trust account against the trustee's efforts to expose the accounting of the CPA
and the Attorney.

Sincerely, Anthony O'Connell, Trustee for a Virginia Land Trust that the accounting at Bk467p191 entangles
(From the August 28, 2012, email of Anthony OConnell, Trustee, to Commissioner of Accounts John Rusk and Staff)