Unknown 2

"Lawyer fix" and "come in" instructions

What did the covert instructions "lawyer fix" and "come in"given to our Mother to carry out do? Can we follow this trail and find out what these instructions did?

Whatever the Attorney Edward White had our Mother do in 1985-1986 remains a secret. My best guess is that the accountants instructed our Mother to come in to the Court and sign something under the guise that it was a customary and usual document concerning non-resident fiduciaries; but that it actually obstructs Anthony O'Connell, who happens to be a non-resident named fiduciary, from qualifying as trustee.  

I am guessing that it could be the source of the surprise (1) that stopped me from qualify as trustee on May 1, 1986, (2) the source of surprise clause in the deed of April 21, 1988, that says I could not qualify as trustee, and (3) the source of the behavior that suggests that the 1992 Trusts documents are not recognized, because one of the Grantors/signers of the Trusr documents is Anthony M. O'Connell, Trustee u/w of Harold A. O'Connell.


Jean O'Connell's memos of the accountant's covert instructions