Unknown 6

Why was the 1992 Trust Agreement breached, why was it not recognized? This suggests that the 1992 Trust Deed will not be recognized.

The clauses "Trustee Not Individually Liable" in the Trust Agreement at bk8845p1453 and "All real estate taxes on the property shall be shared by all the Beneficiaries" in the Trust Agreement at bk8845p1454 were not recognized by the preparer of the lien or by the preparer of the summons.

Why was the lien sent to Highland County for back taxes for a Trust property in Fairfax County?
Why isn't it recognized that the addresses on the lien are in Highland County?
What property is the $27,669 lien against?
Has this lien been placed against the Trustee's individual property described in the Highland County Court records at book 87 page 240? Can we get a "yes" or a "no" so that all concerned can rely upon it?
The secrecy surrounding the lien trails entangles the Trust property in Fairfax County and the Trustee's individual property in Highland County. Who ever controls the entanglements controls the people and assets that are entangled.
Can the lien trail be exposed?