Shutout 2012

The more I try to expose the accounting trails of the CPA Joanne White and the Attorney Edward White, the more I’m shut out, and I’ve tried for twenty years.

Perhaps it's all a coincidence, but the following happened after I tried to expose their accounting trails at bk467p191 by posting my website on March 31, 2012 (See Timeline)

I had been Trustee for the 1992 Virginia Land Trust since 1992. After I posted on March 31, 2012, my power of attorney for selling the Trust property was revoked, I was sent a Summons, an Injunction, a Notice to appear in Court, and an Order to appear in Court. If there is any doubt that the accountant’s signature pattern is to use a trusting family member as cover, vetting these events should remove it.


1992.10.16  Virginia Land Trust created. Trust expires in twenty years, on 1012.10.16 ???
1993.03.20  Accounting at Book467page191 approved by Commissioner Jesse Wilson III ???

2012.03.31  Trustee posts to try to expose bk467p191.
2012.05.10  Trustee's VA poverty pension application disappears in confusion: pension3p
2012.05.11  Trustee sent lien for $27,699: lien3p, lien-trail13p
2012.05.25  Trustee's Power of Attorney for Trust property revoked: revoke-poa2p (Use Jean Nader)
2012.09.04  Trustee sent Summons: summons10p (Use Jean Nader)
2012.09.28  Trustee sent Injunction: injunction5p(Use Jean Nader)
2012.10.22  Trustee sent Notice to appear in Court: notice3p (Use Jean Nader)
2012.11.21  Trustee asks Judges about Notice: judges5p (Use Jean Nader)
2012.11.27  Judge Smith to Trustee: judgesmith2p (Use Jean Nader)
2012.12.05  Trustee sent Court Order: order5dec2012-2p (Use Jean Nader)
2013.07.03  B&K law firm letter says Jean Nader has replaced Anthony O'Connell as Trustee:  b&k3p * (Use Jean Nader)
2013.10.23  I notice that a B&K attorney is apparently "in care of" trust property: care-of-b&k2p (Use Jean Nader)
2014.01.09  DTA Director emails Trustee with an attached Order dated October 5, 2012: dta4p, order-5october2012-2p **

  *I have never received anything from the Court saying I was no longer Trustee.
**I had not seen the attached Order dated October 5, 2012, before.