False final account

Edward White tells Jean O'Connell that a two page account for the period ending 12/31/84 is a final account.
Jean O'Connell's memo says that it was hand delivered to the office of the Commissioner.
In my letter of February 20, 1986 (Not shown here), I ask Jean O'Connell to sign a joint letter with me to Joanne Barnes again asking Joanne Barnes to do the final estate account which would fund the trust.
  Jean O'Connell apparently calls Edward White and asks him "What is an estate filing if 12-31-84 not good". The date of 12-31-84 is the end of the period of the two page false final account which became the one page Third Court Account in the court records.  


1985.01.23   Jean OConnell's memos on the false final account (The two page false final t account to Jean O'Connell becomes the one page Third Court Account in the Court records)
( Page 1):
"Original delivered by hand to Office of Commissioner of Accts. (Jan 23,1985- checked)
3500 fee paid"
(Page 2):
On a 3"x 5" paper clipped to page 2 of a 2 page account "for the period ending December 31, 1984". "Retain this copy for your records" is typed on the 3"x 5" paper)   
"From Edward White - The final filing for HAO'C Estate"

1986.02.20   (Anthony O'Connell to Jean O'Connell) (Image not shown here)
"Please excuse the business formality of this letter.  It is an attempt to complete all the paper work pertaining to the trust inorder that I may come to Virginia. 
I'm having a difficult time obtaining a copy of the Final Estate Filing.  Please review the inclosed joint letter and tell me what you think. 
I've asked Mr. Mackall to prepare new real estate documents for our signatures.  If you would rather your attorney do it please let me know and I'll ask Mr. Mackall to stop." 
Love, Tony
(Enclosure to above)
1986.02.20(Anthony O'Connell to Jean O'Connell to Joanne Barnes) (No copy to another)
"Dear Ms. Barnes:
Please send Mrs. Jean O'Connell and Mr. Anthony O'Connell a copy of the Final Estate Filing.
Sincerely, Jean O'Connell (but not signed by Jean O'Connell)  Anthony O'Connell "

1986.02.20+ (Jean OConnell's memo on envelope of Anthony OConnell's letter of February 20, 1986.)
What is an estate filing if 12-31-84 not good. 
He will call Mackal & see if he has estate filing.
I will call Joanne"