Concealed fix

These are copies of our Mother's memos of the accountant's covert instructions to her. They were found in her papers after her death in 1991:


What ever the lawyer fixed in 1985-1986 remains a secret, so I have no choice but to guess. My best guess is that the accountants instructed Jean O'Connell to come in to the court and sign something under the guise that it was a customary document concerning non-resident fiduciaries and a bond; but that it is actually used by the accountant's to obstruct the non-resident fiduciary Anthony O'Connell from qualifying as trustee.

To get to the truth it is absolutely essential to expose the document(s)(?) that the accountants had our Mother come in to the Court and sign. This is core. History suggests that our Mother and her family did not have a chance against the accountants after she followed the "lawyer fix" and "come in" instructions.