Moms memos

These are some of the accountants instructions to Jean O'Connell about 1985-1986. They are given over the telephone or in person which, unless memos are made and unless the memos survive, makes it impossible to trace the instructions back to the accountants. I don't understand how Jean O'Conneell trusting the accountant's instructions is interpretted as the accountants following Jean O'Connell's instructions. Does following these instructions render the family powerless and make money dissappear, and use the trust of a trusting family member to do it?

I would not have known of these instructions had Jean O'Connell not made memo's of them and had her memos not survived.

      Above: Anonymous instructions to Jean O'Connell to sign a court account with the date 1/3/85. But this court account is already recorded in the court records. When this 1/3/85 version becomes lost or missing Jean O'Connell is led to believe that our family lawyer Philip Shalloway is responsible; the association apparently being the 1/3/85 date. The relationship between Jean O'Connell and Philip Shalloway ends. The accountants gain control of assets.      
      Above: Jean O'Connell instructs Joanne Barnes to do the final estate account for H. A. O'Connell. The final estate account transfers the residual estate from the estate to the testamentary trust; automatically closing the estate and funding the trust. This is all that is needed and all that is asked for.
The last three lines are Joanne Barnes instructions to Jean O'Connell that render the family powerless over the next fourteen months. Anthony O'Connell is shut out. The accountants gain control of assets.
      Above: False final estate account. The false final estate account of 1/23/85 to Jean O'Connell of two pages becomes the third estate court account of 1/23/85 of one page in the court records.      
      Above: On 2/20/86 I ask Jean O'Connell to sign a joint letter with me repeating our request to Joanne Barnes to do the final estate account. Jean O'Connell asks the accountants why the account for the period ending 1/12/84, that Edward White told her is the final filing for the estate, is the final filing for the estate. There is no known response.      
Above: big yellow envelope 3 [bye3].

Please judge for yourself if the accountants frame the established fiduciaries and advisors and take control of the family's assets.

"I also would like you to be at least courteous to my friends. They know you do not want them around so you may not see much of them. They are people who helped me when I was desperately in need of help and had no place to turn.  Joanne especially was helpful. When [1] Ed Prichard was going to charge me ¼ of your Dad's estate for his fee and [2] Shalloway had a mental break down when he was going to work on the estate it was Joanne who helped me by explaining what I had to do.  She did not want to be a co-trustee but I begged her and she agreed reluctantly tho she had never done it for anyone else. I still think [3] you owe her an apology and a box of candy or bouquet of flowers. Better late than never.  And I would feel ever so much better. Please. Just treat my friends like you want me to treat yours. ..."
(From Jean O'Connell's letter of September 6, 1988, to Anthony O'Connell)