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What is the issue in "In Re: Harold A. O'Connell" on the Summons, etc.?

I don't know what the issue is in "In Re: Harold A. O'Connell" on the Summons and on other Court documents I was sent after I posted my web site http://www.canweconnectthedots.com to try to expose the accounting at bk467p191. My best guess is that "In Re: Harold A. O'Connell" refers to the 1975 Will of Harold A. O'Connell at WB201p109. If that is true the focus is on the 1975 Will instead of the 1992 Trust documents that supercede the 1975 Will, which suggests that the October 16, 1992, trust documents are not recognized.

What is it in the Court records that would show what "Re: Harold A. O'Connell" is about? The following is from my letter of November 21, 2012, to the Judges, and from Chief Judge Dennis J. Smith's reply letter of November 27, 2012:

"(3) The notice says "In Re: Harold A. O'Connell" but doesn't say what the issue is. Harold A. O'Connell is our Dad who died in 1975.
It would not be prudent for me to appear in Court unless the issues are defined and the evidence for the issues can be obtained beforehand. The present structure makes me dead on arrival; this is not due process.
The best of my two bad options is to not appear in Court, even though my not appearing could be made to appear as if I, rather than the accountants, were trying to hide something, and the terms of their summons and injunction might be approved by default.
Would you please put everything on hold until all of the plaintiff’s issues can be identified and their evidence for their issues can be obtained? The known evidence I need before appearing in Court includes exposing the accounting trails in our Mother’s estate at Bk467p191."
(From Anthony O'Connell's letter of November 21, 2012)

"Your letter also indicates that you do not know what issues are raised in the case but our records indicate that you have responded to the Complaint which sets out the Plaintiff's allegations and prayer for relief so I therefore assume that you are acquainted with the issues which have been raised."
(From Chief Judge Dennis J. Smith's letter of November 27, 2012)

Can we find out what the issue is in "In Re: Harold A. O'Connell"? Is there some way to find out where the money went in our Mother's Estate without the accountants using innocent members of the Court and our family to put the attempt in conflict with the Court and the family?

Is the 1992 Deed at bk8037p1446 for the Trust property recognized? Can we get a "yes" or a "no"? And if "no", why not?